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, it must be a tax, a subsidy. absolutely not. it is a mechanism whereby money is collected from other carriers, pooled, and redistributed based on cost. the concert was the value of the network increases the more people you get on the network. it was a notion and a philosophy that was adopted in 1930. 1935 was the first communication act. have the principle of universal service. that has become part of the cost recovery mechanism. >> before we run out of time, i want to get your take on the potential upcoming spectrum auction. >> spectrum is a very exciting initiative. i will tell you, i think spectrum is a great opportunity. we are all mobile. we all want spectrum ability. my concern on the way past auctions have gone, about 80% of spectrum is held by two large carriers, and we see more and more of the nationwide presence. what happens when a large carrier buys that spectrum, they have a buildout requirement, and the requirement is by population. they can essentially build out in their urban areas and never have to build out to rural areas. we would love to see some smaller licensing
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1